Top 15 Questions and Answers

1- Can the new Coronavirus (CoVID-19) be transmitted via objects (packages) from the infected countries?

The likelihood to be infected from a package or an object that coming from infected areas is somehow low because those objects will be moved through different conditions and temperatures.


2-Can the new coronavirus (CoVID-19) be caught easily through the air?

Recent studies showed that the virus spread via direct contact with infected respiratory droplets more than spread via the air.


3-Can (CoVID-19) be transmitted from a person who has no current symptoms?

The risk of catching the infection from a person who doesn’t have symptoms is very low. In which some infected persons begin to have just simple symptoms, those can transmit the infection.


4-Can the infected person transmit the infection during the incubation period (time from virus exposure to symptoms appearance)?

The infected person can transmit the infection to others during the incubation period.


5-What are the predisposing factors that make a specific person more likely to catch the infection than others?

The predisposing factors include direct contact with an infected person, living in areas that have many infected cases, older people, people with chronic diseases, and people with low immunity.


6-Can animals transmit the (CoVID-19) to humans?

A possible animal source of (CoVID-19) had not been confirmed yet, but, generally, the coronaviruses family (like SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV) was related to some kinds of animals.


7-Can the person gets infected with (CoVID-19) from his\her pet?

There are no evidenced updates that confirm the risk of transmission of (CoVID-19) via dogs, cats, or any pets.


8-How long does (CoVID-19) stay active and infectious on surfaces\objects?

There is no exact information about this, but the experts believe it will be like other coronaviruses, they can stay at surfaces/objects from few hours to several days, depending on the nature of infected surfaces, and the degree of cleaning strategies applies to them.


9-Are there specific surfaces’ types that the (CoVID-19) attached on?

It can be attached to any surface, but the smooth surfaces are easier to be cleaned than rough surfaces.


10-What is the relationship between the activity of the (CoVID-19) and the sunlight?

The (CoVID-19) can be transmitted in all areas, regardless of the weather, or the degree of sunlight.


11-What is the relationship between the activity of the (CoVID-19) and the temperature?

The (CoVID-19) can be transmitted in hot, humid, or even very cold areas.


12-What is the relationship between the activity of the (CoVID-19) and the cleaning agents?

It’s recommended to clean the surfaces and objects, with the appropriate cleaning agents, which will reduce the activity of the (CoVID-19) if it’s present.


13-What should I do to minimize the infectious period of (CoVID-19)?

You should use alcohol swaps frequently, for your hands, your objects, surfaces of your house, your personal devices, and many other possible surfaces.


14-What can I do if I got infected with (CoVID-19)? I will be afraid of the persons’ reactions to me.

Don’t be afraid, but be careful. There is no reason to be afraid of persons’ reactions to you, they will support you to get over this issue safely, talk to your family and close friends, and they will help you.


15-What should we do to prevent the possible stigma of the infected person, and what kind of support should we provide to the infected persons?

We should support the infected persons in their isolation, connect to them online, make sure that they are doing well, send some online supplements, and whatever they need. They will be isolated from their relatives and close friends, so we should take care of them remotely, and be careful.

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