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Get Involved

See opportunities below.

Right now this effort is run by volunteer effort under the umbrella of Viv Web Solutions LLC.

We would consider any serious offers to put under the umbrella of an existing non profit organization who could carry the mission forward.

A partner organization would instantly get volunteers and access to technology and design resources, which would be very expensive, typically.

Medical/Public Health Advisory board member

Primarily MD/PHD level

– weigh in on tough questions about communication materials, as these arise.

For the most part, we will be sharing materials from organizations that have very strict requirements already in place, so we don’t think the volume of questions will be high. In the cases that seemingly high quality original material is submitted that has not been vetted, we will need somewhere to turn.

Medical/Public Health Advisory board chair

Same as above, and

-make decisions about what expertise is sufficient for impactful decisions.

-plan appropriate rhythm of reviews and help plan for longevity and usefulness of project

We do not yet have a 501-c3 or an umbrella, but you can donate to the effort anyway via the org behind the site for the further development of Covid19 Communication Network.

Volunteer Roles

There are different types of opportunities available, for example:

A) Translation Focused: Find out what documents would be most useful to translate and could be disseminated by other organizations/potential partners.

Many powerful potential partner do not have the ability to do some of the crowdsourcing needed (CDC, WHO, GlobalHandwashing). Ideal may be to find out what documents they would be interested in decimating if we got translated.

B) Give our site depth in a certain area or topic of your expertise or interest
For example, material specific to educating families with children
For the construction industry
(communicate how to safely continue construction projects, while reducing the chance of transmission)

Any two languages can be helpful. At the moment, especially English plus a native/professional level of another language,

Bonus: afford and be able to edit documents in Adobe Acrobat (~$14/month)

(alternatively, a designer can pipe your translation if you provide a Google Sheet with the English in one column and the target language in another column)

Bonus: help with Curation and Connection

Seperate application process/form:

Recruit and organize translators and workflows.
Can be done without this specific experience, but need good organization skills.

Help take a google sheet with English in one column and target language in another and put back into a PDF and upload back

Give feedback and design additional inner pages/interactions.
Send your information (experience/portfolio) and we will schedule some kick off or send materials for feedback or some other assignment,

Or apply to be a volunteer

Many of the images we have will look much better with a “features image” that isn’t just the actual documents, which are hard to read and too detailed at a small size.

Need writing and review of

-Terms and conditions for the website
-Agreement forms for volunteers

To consult some other issues around intellectual property and ownership for additional confidence in launching and sustainability of aspects of the project.

** These positions minimum 1-2 hours per day for the next 2-3 weeks

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