Medic Mobile + Community Health Toolkit


Note:  Strong best practices for mobile app creation + icons released openly by the same team:

The Community Health Toolkit

Medic Mobile serves as the technical steward for the Community Health Toolkit (CHT) open source project. The CHT provides you with resources to design, build, and deploy digital tools for community health. It includes open source software frameworks and applications, guides to help you design and use them, and an active community for creation, collaboration and support.

The software included in the CHT was created for people delivering care in hard-to-reach areas and work with or without connectivity. Tools built using the CHT run on basic phones, smartphones, tablets, and computers, supporting people doing critical work in communities, health facilities, and management offices.

We’re committed to sharing learnings, and lowering barriers to adoption, scale, and reach for these tools. Medic Mobile developed the CHT’s application framework, and is working closely with our partners to develop and deploy reference applications that build on and extend this framework. Medic Mobile has always developed free software, and is now focused on supporting a vibrant community contributing to a global public good.

In our role as technical steward, Medic Mobile contributes code, design resources, documentation, and other assets to the CHT, and also facilitate contributions from others. Learn more about the features on the CHT website, and read below for some examples of what can be built.”

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