How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study

Source: medscape (2)
How to Sanitize N95 Masks for Reuse: NIH Study

When PPE is running low people in hospitals and health care centers have found ways to reuse them. In this article, Medscape recommends ways, that after studying and testing, have been approved to decontaminate the N95 masks which are essential for healthcare professionals.

Recommendations suggest using vaporized hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet light for eliminating the virus from the mask and being able to reuse it up to 3 times. If using dry heat they can only be reused twice. And in the case of using ethanol 70%, researchers found out that the mask wouldn’t work as effectively after decontamination.

Read more about sanitizing PPE in the website and let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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