How do Face Masks and Respirators Work?

Risk Bites has a video on the science of masks and respirators.

CDC: Face masks and respirators: Understanding the difference…

FDA: N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks (Face Masks) CDC: Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Protective Equipment……

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook – Personal Protective Equipment

CDC: Simple Respiratory Mask…

Paper: Testing the Efficacy of Homemade Masks: Would They Protect in an Influenza Pandemic?…

The untold origin story of the N95 mask (FastCompany)…

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many thanks to Anna Muldoon MPH for suggesting the topic!


RISK BITES Risk Bites videos are devised, created and produced by Andrew Maynard, in association with the Arizona State University School for the Future of Innovation in Society ( They are produced under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA

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First Posted: Jun. 04, 2020

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