Resource List – Covid Humanitarians

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Resource List - Covid Humanitarians
Last brought in 4/7.2020. Check their link for their latest:

Covid Humanitarian

Their mission: “We want to move information across the world using humanitarian values. We provide COVID specific resources to field practitioners to support their responses.”

Help post some of the best resources from here, back to this site, as well. 



Key actions for COVID prevention in schools – protection of children and educational facilities

Framework guide for education response – OECD 2020 COVID19 document

COVID 19 and education in emergencies – initial informational from ECW

COVID 19 and insights for education – initial USAID planning and response

Food Security

WFP Immediate Guidance – COVID 19 PD targeting and prioritization

Adjusting food distribution in COVID 19 context – guide to revising country level SOPs during COVID 19 by WFP

COVID 19 and Breastfeeding – interim guidance WFP

Food cluster for programmatic continuity – recommendations for COVID 19 outbreak

Mercy Corps FS Tip Sheet – food security guidance to mitigate impact of COVID 19

Mercy Corps Tip Sheet – nutrition guidance to mitigate impact of COVID 19

Establishing remote work COVID 19 – food security cluster monitoring and assessment capacities


Infectious Disease Toolkit US HUD shelters – managing and preventing spread within homeless shelters

Managing COVID outbreak aboard ships – operational considerations for managing spread

COVID in prisons and places of detention – WHO preparedness prevention and control

COVID in long-term care facilities – WHO preparedness prevention and control

Camp Coordination/Management

Scaling up COVID 19 Outbreak Readiness– assist field staff to immediately respond to urgent needs. IASC

Infectious Disease Toolkit US encampments – preventing and managing spread within encampments US HUD

Camp management operational guidance: FAQs – COVID‐19 considerations to PoCs and displacement sites in South Sudan


Disease commodity package COVID 19 – Surveillance prevention and case management WHO

Managing COVID 19 in aviation sector – interim guidance and operational considerations

Adapting third party monitoring – COVID 19 MEAL guidelines

COVID-19 strategic preparedness – operational planning guidelines WHO


WASH for the COVID 19 virus – WHO and UNICEF technical brief

COVID Guidance note WASH in healthcare facilities – how WASH can reduce risk in HCFs (UNICEF)

COVID Guidance note WASH at community level – how WASH can reduce risk in households (UNICEF)

COVID Guidance note WASH at schools – how WASH can contribute to prevention in education facilities (UNICEF)

Monitoring and mitigating impact on WASH services – monitoring and mitigating secondary impacts (UNICEF)

WHO Guidance for WASH – technical brief with summarizing guidance

Community level hand-washing engagement for COVID – behavior change and early response


A guide to preventing and addressing social stigma with COVID-19 – language and communication to prevent creating discrimination.

GBV Case Management for COVID19 – practical support to GBV practitioners to adapt service delivery models

Covid-19: Including marginalized/ vulnerable in risk communication – lessons from previous epidemics

COVID Response for children/adults with disabilities – UNICEF recommendations for response

Family Coping with coronavirus anxiety – VIDEO of licensed marriage and family therapist (UNICEF)

Behavioral Healthcare Resources for COVID 19 – living spreadsheet of links for behavioral health responses

Gender Alert for COVID 19 outbreak – IASC/UNWOMEN gender reference group alert

GBV Case Management Guidance note Iraq – sub-cluster COVID note

COVID-19 Response in refugee communities – three step UNHCR info graphic

Gender considerations for west/central Africa response – early evidence from UNICEF

Gender differences during COVID – WFP Gender office on household health and decisions-making

Gender Equality for Food Act data – COVID 19 for empowerment and food security

IASC My Hero Kids book – how kids can help fight COVID 19

Parenting pamphlets – six COVID 19 parenting guidelines


Risk communication and engagement – WHO checklists for risk communication and community engagement in public health

Health workers exposure risk assessment – This form is to be completed for all health workers who have been exposed

Handbook for prevention/treatment – Zhejiang University guide to manage and control the coronavirus outbreak

Using medical masks in community settings – rapid advice for home and healthcare facilities

Maintaining essential health service COVID – operational considerations for HCFs and health systems

Case Record Form COVID admissions – rapid admissions, follow up and discharge WHO form

Case Record Form COVID pregnancy admissions – rapid admissions, follow up and discharge WHO form for pregnant patients

Homecare for Patients with COVID – rapid advice for healthcare workers WHO

HCF/Community case management for COVID – interim guidance and operational considerations

COVID-19 Information by Language – living document from the IRC with translations

COVID control in low-income/ displaced settings – realistic shielding measures for at risk health populations

CoroNo mask instructions – protective hood against infection for care and rescue service personnel (please read warning first)

Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Treatment Centre – practical manual to set up SARI treatment/screening center WHO

Health and hygiene promotion – guidance document for COVID 19 from WASH/Health Cluster

Safe management of dead bodies COVID 19 – interim guidance to prevention and control (WHO)

IOM Italy brochures – multi language COVID 19 information

Technical guidance #1 WHO – maintaining continuity for health care services COVID

Mental/psychosocial health – during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID19 healthcare planning checklist – US health and human services

When/How to use masks – WHO pamphlets for general public during COVID 19

MEDBOX COVID 19 Toolkit – Reports, updates, guidelines, and training materials for public health


Multipurpose Cash

Cash Transfers in COVDI 19 context – WFP guidance for operational continuity and field support

ICRC cash/CVA tip sheet for COVID – guidance for field teams

Living document MPCA standards – Cash Consortium of Iraq guidance for minimum standards during COVID 19

Guidance for cash-based programs – WFP operational continuity and support plan

Cash Voucher Programs

Living Document CVA and COVID19– Google doc for COVID-specific guidance in voucher programs

CVA in COVID 19 context – guidance from the CALP network

COVID-19 adaptations to CVA – technical guidance for design and implementation Plan International

Mercy Corps CVA tip sheet for COVID – payments and digital data management


MERS Guidance in Response COVID – minimum economic recovery standards for markets.

WFP Economic and Food Security– global estimates for food markets

FAO Impact on food/agriculture – COVID FAQ on food demand and nutrition

Resource Hubs

GIS and Public Health

Humanitarian and public health activity maps from ESRI

COVID Literature

A curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus.

WHO COVID Training Courses

The COVID-19 channel provides learning resources for health professionals and decision-makers..

SPHERE Standards in COVID 19

Guidance on the COVID-19 response in multiple languages.

Save the Children Program Guide

Framework and companion pieces for programming

Open research Dataset for COVID19

Allen Institute for AI partnered with leading research groups to prepare and distribute data

MEDBOX COVID 19 toolkit

Reports, updates, guidelines, and training materials for public health

CALP Cash Resources for COVID

Summarizes key points from guidance across different actors.

Prevention & Control Guidance

Technical guidance from the WHO for infection prevention and control

GBV Guidelines during COVID19

Resources to address gender-based violence risks during pandemic

Food Security Cluster resources

Latest updates for food and nutrition programming resources

Cash Hub platform on CVA and Covid-19

Collection of resources related to cash and COVID19 from IFRC

COVID-19 Response Portal ALNAP

Collection of guidelines, tools, papers and lessons learnt.

DisasterReady COVID Training Course

Collection of free resources from reputable health organizations

OCHA’s humanitarian response page

Cluster specific materials with external resource links

Global Education Cluster

Key resources for education during COVID 19

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